10 Body Signs Telling You That You May Be Sick !

Many of us have suffered from that feeling that comes out of nowhere to chew ice, eat something salty , or even sometimes you got the feeling of being angry and without any reason. That’s why, you should always pay attention to your habits and if you feel something strange, you better consult the nearest doctor.

Here you can find a list of 10 things that our body is telling us that something is wrong, sometimes it could be very dangerous.



Fornication, tingling … . Is that sensation that looks like something very small, like an insect, is prickling your skin, especially the legs part. The common thing is that when you feel cramping, you lose the ability to move your leg, and that sensation is called the symptom of restless leg syndrome.

2-Thick skin :


Skin problems can, sometimes, be very dangerous and cause serious damages if you ignore them. If your skin becomes thick, it can be a sign of several diseases like eczema, hormonal issues, … So make sure to see your doctor or do a blood test if it’s necessary.

3-Parkinson’s  disease:


Many of us have lived or at least heard about one of the following symptoms : Tremors, sleeping troubles, nightmares, change of voice and handwriting, … if you are suffering from these symptoms all together, you’ll definitely need to see the doctor because it can be a sign of the disease.

4-Violent behavior:


Anger, having an aggressive behavior and being angry all the time or what we call“ Adult tantrum “, for adults, is a person who has an explosive character that can never control. However, this person could be suffering from a condition that requires the intervention of the doctor



Is a disorder that relates to someone who always feels sleepy, and it may be due to a lot of things, not only tiredness. After intensive studies, doctors said that hypersomnia can be a sign of some several autoimmune diseases. Also, alcoholic beverages may cause this.

6- Eye color changing :


Lot of people under the age of 45, notice like a white or grey ring all around the cornea of their eyes. Doctors have noticed that it may be a sign of high cholesterol for this category of person. The ring may cause some vision trouble because it feels like little thickles around the ring.

7-Salt addiction:


As other people who prefer  cakes, candies and sweets. There are some people who prefer salty food, but when it becomes like an addiction for you, the only thing that you think about is salty food ! Then it’s time to stop and ask why ?! According to medical resources, it may be a sign of iron deficiency anemia or even premenstrual syndrome.. That’s why you should definitely go and see a doctor so it doesn’t cause you several damages.

8-Forgetfulness And Low Libido:


People always confuse these symptoms with depression and bad mood because of work or studies or other things because it looks like you’re tired. Otherwise, doctors confirm that you should not ignore yourself if you’re suffering from these symptoms, because it can be a thyroid hormone in the body, subsequently it will cause you weight loss and also you’ll feel very cold even if it’s hot weather.

9-Feeling thirsty:


Drinking water is the best way to stay healthy, to have a wonderful skin and also to protect yourself from disease. But when it becomes over, and you feel thirsty all the day, sometimes it can be dangerous. It’s not always related to the food or the weather, sometimes it can be because of diabetics or pregnancy (for women). So you better pay attention to yourself at this point, and when it’s kinda over contact your doctor.

10-Chewing ice:


Each of one us has his own superpower that seems to others strange and difficult. Otherwise, chewing ice is more than just a habit, some research has explained that iron deficiency anemia can be the main reason for this strange desire, so you may definitely need to take some blood tests to be sure you have nothing.

Although, there are so many other surprising symptoms that may tell you a lot about your body. Be careful and pay attention to your body because the smallest thing can cause you huge damages. 

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