Men, as any other creature in this world, have some kind of fears although the stereotypes in society show that men are fearless and strong. So here’s the 10 most secrets that man worry about:

1. Shape of their body

It is commonly known that women are the ones to worry about their body shapes, and that might be the same as how much men as well worry about. So many magazines and TV shows shows that the “ideal body” for men is the well shaped one and it is the healthiest and sexiest also.That’s why many of them spend most of their money in gyms trying to avoid that

beer belly.

2. Money

This also what worries men a lot, they even rather having a stable financial situation than having a girlfriend. Even though a real girlfriend is the one who cares more about care and attention, unfortunately, men are brought up to this world as future breadwinners. stereotypes!…

3. Height

You will never find a picture online or in magazines of a man and a woman “ideal couple” that  shows the man shorter than the woman. This let men think you have no chance if you don’t have the proper height, which is completely wrong! Size doesn’t matter if it is not the size of the heart.

4. Other men

A man’s jealousy may not seem obvious just like a woman’s, but it exists and it could sometimes be much more than women’s jealousy, which in this case any other “male” friend or colleague to his partner may look to him suspicious and even may consider him as a threat to him. So here, the girls must be honest and explain well that this “colleague” is not a thread.

5. A new experience in relationships

A new relationship may seem like a new adventure for both sides, and always the first step is the most worrying part in it. So here, men tend to lie about how many ex-girlfriend they had before just to look like experienced lovers. Well support and honesty are the key that will make you feel more confident instead.

6. Hair

This one also is one of the terrible things that worries a man; “Too much hair is scary or too messy? A little..what if it’s not good enough? Bald? that’s the worst that can happen!!”. Well, an advice, go for what makes you more comfy and it will suit you perfectly and soon you’ll get used to it.

7. Diet

It is quite normal if a woman says “i’m on a diet!”, but when a man does that it would look strange enough. But, we believe it’s just the fact that women talk about it more, men also care for their health and body shape. Who wouldn’t love to have a healthy lifestyle?!

8. Their relationship with their partner

Once again, all magazines and media articles write about care only from the women side, and how much they worry about it. But in fact, men also do care and worry a lot, and they want everything to be okay, and that’s completely normal.

9.  How many “Ex” their partner had before

Here, a man’s worries may lead him to feel a competition to be the best. He may also worry about being the one with less experience than her. so, the girl here would take this into consideration and explain to him that the past is past, so there’s nothing to worry about.

10. Emotions

“Don’t cry!! you’re a man!” All of us must have heard this sentence in Tv or even in reality. In fact, it is one of the most cruel things a man-to-be child can hear. Their parents with their innocent will to make their kids tough and able to build a strong family in their future is just running their personality, because hiding emotions is actually the real danger and weakness. Men just like women are very allowed to show their true emotions. So what! if a man is afraid of something or he feels down sometimes and needs some time off! We’re in this together. 🙂

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