Sometimes we don’t pay real attention to some daily habits that might harm our health and get us to the hospital even. Here are a list of 13 habits to reconsider:

1. Stifling a sneeze

This action exactly inverses the main function of sneezing which is getting rid of bacteria, viruses and dust particles. So, by stifling it it all goes back to your nose with higher pressure that can hurt your hearing, and damage your esophagus, plus harming your blood vessels and brain by increasing blood pressure.

2. Toothpicks

Although they are harmless to the enamel but they are dangerous to the gums. According to dentists, toothpicks are doing no good for the mouth, people should use instead, to keep their mouth clean, dental floss.

3. Sleeping face down on the pillow

It may be a comfy position to sleep in but, you don’t know how much harm it can cause you: your breathing became harder, your neck is not in its natural position, blood circulation as well becomes worse…Also, since your face is on the pillow, there’s a warning of early wrinkles!!

4.  Shelling seeds with your teeth

Who doesn’t like sunflower seeds? they’re tasty and pretty much healthy. But, what makes them unhealthy is the way we shell the seed using our teeth. And that’s harming our teeth so badly. Instead we should use our hands to shell the seed, Enjoy!

5. Chewing on something solid

Solid objects such as pens, pencils or paperclips and others…can cause serious harm to your mouth, exactly in the enamel. You can even get an infection if you do that in addition to other harmful things like: opening bottles, chewing nuts or ice cubes and lollipops.

6. Postponing going to bathroom

All doctors have confirmed and agreed that a person should not hold himself, because by doing that you have a higher risk of injuring your muscles which can directly lead to an urinary tract infection and constipation.

7. Washing hair with hot water

If you’re one of the people who love taking showers with hot water, you may pay attention to this. Doing so my friend can cause several troubles to your hair and head; you get easily dizzy and you get bad headaches. Plus, the hot water stimulates the function of the sebaceous glands that make the hair easily dirty again.

8. Touching your face and rubbing your eyes

If you touch your face very often, then maybe it is now the time to quit it. Cause by doing so you’re calling for several infections like acne, herpes and so many more. Eye rubbing is also harmful, it causes conjunctivitis (unpleasant infectious disease) that involves inflammation, tearing and also light sensitivity.

9. Chewing bubble gum often

   Chewing a gum is a pleasant way to reduce stress and anxiety, but not very often, because the bubble gum have several hard consequences that hurt many parts of the body such as:

-the stomach: by stimulating the production of gastric juice.

-teeth: by increasing the saliva production

 -short-term memory: since the gum’s major function is to improve long term memorization which impairs the short-term memory, making the person less focused.

10. Reading in bed

Reading is good, but while laying in your bed is not a good idea and actually it can harm your eyes, spinal cord and neck, so please when you’re reading in bed, make sure to not keep the book too close from your eyes, don’t curve your back and don’t read lying on your side or on your belly.

11. Licking or blowing on small wounds

We all used to do such things when we cut our fingers thinking that by doing so we’re helping the healing process,  and that’s wrong! In fact it helps doing totally the opposite instead. A study in Harvard university showed that in our mouth there are more than 600 species of microorganisms that most of them live better in coagulated blood (in the wound).

12. Whispering

A research done by Robert Satalof, a scientist and ex-vocalist has approved that many people damage their vocal cords while whispering; Because it helps increase micro injuries of the larynx, which is bad to people who talk a lot.

13. Using phone in the bathroom

Sitting in the bathroom for too much time (more than 5mins) is bad for the person’s health, it increases the pressure in veins. And why cell phones make it more dangerous, it’s because we take them out (of course), the thing that helps spread bacteria.

In the end, we hope that this article was useful to you. Don’t forget to tell us down in the comment section how many habits of these you were used to, we love to hear from you. 🙂

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