16% to 25% of american people actually suffer from knee pain, the second largest cause of chronic pain. And not only that, other injuries also like foot or hip pain are suffered by many people from time to time. That’s why, here’s 6 exercises/tips on how to use physical therapy to feel better.

1. Raising heels


·          First, grab a chair and stand behind it.

·          Raise one of your legs then slowly raise the heel of your other leg until standing on your toes.

·         Now slowly put the heel back on the floor.

·         Repeat this exercise up to 15 times on each leg.

2. Walking on your toe

You can practice this exercise anytime you’re standing, all you have to do is simply walk around your house on your toes at a fast pace. It will for sure help strengthen your calves and give your foot a small but very useful workout.

P.S: keep walking 5 to 15mins or until you’re tired.

3. Ankle circles


·         Sit down or stand up with raising one leg.

·         Slowly rotate the foot of that leg in a circular motion, and repeat it 10 times for each leg (inward and outward circles! “10×2”).

4. Training resistance


·         Take a resistance band and fix it around any standing piece of furniture.

·         Put one of your legs under the other and slightly bent at the knee, then grab onto the resistance band with the foot of the leg on top.

·         Slowly pull the band while bending your foot toward your head.

Repeat this 10 to 15 times for each leg.

5. Toe games


·         Curl your toes on their own, then put a towel on the floor and grab onto it with your toes.

·         Put small pebbles on the ground and try to put them in a basket using your feet.

6. Walking on balls

This final exercise will help relaxing and training the balls of your feet at the same time.


·         Take a tennis ball or a ball of a similar diameter and sit on a chair.

·         Then place your foot on the ball and step on it.

·          Slowly push the ball with your foot toward the toes and then backward, ENJOY your massage!

We, at the end, hope that you like these easy exercises, and make sure to tell us if you ever tried one of them down below in the comment section, We love to hear from you! 🙂

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