So many people like to combine two or more different kinds of food, not knowing that they may be not healthy at all, it may even cause some serious health issues.
That’s why, we have made you a list of some common food combinations to reconsider.
1. Sandwich + Coffee

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This is one of the famous food combination for people who doesn’t have much time in the morning, but it’s
the bad morning start for your health. The simple carbs in bread prevent calcium from being properly
digested. Plus, by adding coffee to that, there will be no benefit for your health at all!
If you’re a cheese sandwich lover, you may have it but the intead of coffee, try some white or green tea.

2. Tomatoes + Cucumbers:

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It is also one of the common food couples, but still a bad one to our health. A research done recently have
showed why, simply the combination of these 2 vegetables disturbs the biochemical pathways of our
bodies. Which it leads to the excessive calculation and swelling.
As a tip, you may eat both tomatoes and cucumbers but separately. For example, in your salad, each
time use one of them.

3. Potato + meat:

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Most of us can’t resist a steak with fries! But, unfortunately it’s in this list too. And here’s why: The starch
in potatoes need the alkaloid digestive fluids, and meat need the acidic ones. So, when they’re both
mixed together, they just get stuck in your stomach which can bring disorders like heartburn, belching,

4. Pasta + Minced meat:

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Following the previous reason, minced meat as well doesn’t match with pasta. The salivary glands
produce ptyalin and amylase, which transform the starch carbs in the pasta into simple sugars. And so
when simple sugars cover the proteins in the meat, in which they create a dangerous mixture that can
lead to diabetes and CDs.

5. Beer + nuts:

Nuts and Beer - A Perfect Pairing - Truly Good Foods

Everyone loves to eat salty nuts alongside with beer. But once again, it’s not good for our health. In fact,
the high-salt foods are not only unhealthy by themselves but also lead to dehydration and increase the
likelihood of having another pint of beer.
Here’s a tip: while drinking any alcohol, make sure to keep water or soda nearby to avoid dehydration.

6. Dairy + Pineapple:

Debunking the pineapple and milk debate | Dhaka Tribune

Sour fruits actually make the digestion process work slower, especially in the morning. Plus, pineapple
contains bromeliad (an enzymic complex) that can cause intoxication when combined with dairy product.
You may instead add dry apricots or plums instead of pineapple.

7. Milk + Banana:

Reasons why you should not have banana and milk together | The Times of  India

This food combination has become lately very popular among followers of a healthy lifestyle because it is
nourishing and easy to make. But, some nutrition specialists recommend having fruits, especially sweet
one separately. Because they stay in the body for long time which slows down the digestion process. As
for milk, it is also more healthy to drink separately.
What food combination has shocked you the most among all these? Please tell us in the
comment section, we love to hear from you.

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