Have you ever heard of Wechsler symbols or as commonly known as OU symbol? Well if now that’s okay you’re just like many consumers out there, but actually you must be aware of what that means and what if a product have it or doesn’t.
That’s why we tried to simply explain what these labels mean.
A Wechsler is basically a special product certification that qualifies foods when they conform a specific requirement called Kosher’s requirements. These Kosher-certified companies must approve on a product following high standards of quality and also maintain the best manufacturing practices.

Do You Know What This Packaging Symbol Actually Means?

This certification requires a strict process that combines both the best quality of finished products and good ingredients, which makes production lines and equipment that used to manufacture kosher foods thoroughly well cleaned and purged, it is a so strict system that even products will be rendered non-kosher if the utensils and equipment are not clean!

Where can i find these products?
The dietary laws of Kosher identify 3 specific types of food:
“Neutral” food (also called pareve).
It is also important to mention that this classification excludes the hypo allergic foods (it is not a signifier of them), but it is easy for people who suffer allergies to dairy and meat to use “Pareve” indicates products (neutral foods are free of milk products and meat).

Do You Know What This Packaging Symbol Actually Means?

Nowadays, there are several Kosher certification agencies that grant a hechsher to packaged foods and beverages. The symbol that is commonly known is the capital U inside a circle or the OU(stands for the Union of Orthodox) sign. You can find such symbols in many packaging such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Jim Beam, Heinz, and others. The OU sign could also be followed with some small letters, here’s the most known ones:
OU: refers that the food is “neutral” (no dairy, no meat).
OU-D: refers that the food is a dairy.
OU-M (or OU-GLATT): refers that the product is made with meat or meat ingredients.
OU-F: refers that the product contains fish ingredients.

Who needs it?
– Pareve products contain no dairy or meat so vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance can safely consume them.
– Kosher products are the best choice for people who are dieting or exercising on a regular basis.
– People that requires a high quality and healthy food.

Have you ever noticed this symbol in a product before? Please let us know down below in the comment section, we love to hear from you.