Happiness must be endured

Happiness must be endured

To endure happiness, we must be strong. We often run away from it and rather return to suffering. Why? Happiness is not gained through happiness, but by overcoming hardship, courage, renunciation and service… Everything in life has its price (value). So it’s worth it: the greater the effort, the greater the happiness …

Why is happiness running away? The answer is given by psychology.

Over the last 5500 years, humanity has waged 15,000 wars. The most terrible ones were led in the 20th century, in which science, psychology, psychotherapy, economics, medicine, physics, chemistry developed … From this we all look for something, and neither do we know what to look for, nor where to find it. Man is constantly on the lookout. For truth, bliss, happiness, success, wealth … and of course, as soon as we seek something, we do not find it. Why?

For a very simple reason. Everything we seek is always within ourselves. Truth, happiness, love, wealth, knowledge … lies within ourselves … Strange, isn’t it?

People who teach, educate, learn, research, lead, guide… should be beacons. Lighthouses of knowledge, clarity, love, patience. Are they? Let’s look around. They all need to be successful. How can we be taught unsuccessful, scared, disappointed … at all levels? Around us at all levels is greed, envy, hatred and intrigue. It is no wonder that all of humanity has fallen into such a great crisis.

The goal we all want to achieve is within ourselves. Use all your strength and find yourself. Be yourself a blacksmith of your own fortune, as much as you invest in finding your goal you will find. No one else is responsible except you.

Life goes by quickly, so don’t waste a day or an hour. Each moment is endlessly precious and will never be repeated in its present form. Take your life in your own hands. There is no single reason not to be perfectly happy from now on – unless you feel that happiness can be bestowed.

This misconception is the reason why so many people are unhappy. They are unhappy because accidents and illusions give priority to effort and self-responsibility.

The world is changing. Work on yourself. Avoid any effort. Rejoice in every task and every problem (the problem always comes from the reason that we learn from it and strengthen it). If we run away from it or suppress it or blame it on someone else, then unfortunately we lose our own strength.

Be patient and active. Overkill in the fire of life. Just like athletes. In order to be successful, they have to train every day, many hours a day, they have to lose many times, to experience a lot of sadness, fear, disappointment to succeed in the end. Then many will say, “Easy for them.”

When we look from the side, we see only the results, not the path. The road is thorny, but there was a goal. To be happy, let’s set our own goal, and move on through life.

In order to be healthy, successful and happy we need to have teachers (therapists) who are just like that. Most of today’s “experts” in health, learning, science, psychology are neither mentally sound nor enlightened. If the people you work with do not feel recognition, respect and joy then stop going to them.

Remember: how can someone give something they don’t own? It is often the case that “therapists” take from you what they lack rather than help you with your healing and empowerment. If you notice an arrogance, arrogance, rudeness, or outburst of your own ego, for your safety, run away with your head no matter what, because you will feel really bad very quickly.

A good therapist (expert) can only be one whose thoughts, words and actions are consistent. He who speaks differently than he thinks or does means that he himself needs help. This is the only benchmark by which a good expert can be identified who can help you along the path to your goal. So open your eyes, watch, listen and actively change anything you don’t like.

Good luck…


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