Many people believe that hard workouts are the only thing to stay in good shape, and that’s not true 100%. Walking actually is one of the best exercises that a person can do daily to maintain his body in good shape, besides a good sleep and a healthy diet for sure. So here’s a list of 10 things why a person should reconsider running in his planning:

1. Positive vibes

Many studies have revealed how the impact of activities like walking  and aerobics prevent early dementia and reduces the risk of many mental diseases, it actually improves it. Besides also maintaining a higher level of endorphins.

2. Eyesight improved

It may seem a bit strange, but it’s true. Walking in fact benefits the eyes health and helps to fight glaucoma by relieving eye pressure.

3. Decreasing the risk of heart diseases

Walking is the same as running when it comes to the prevention of heart- related diseases or strokes, according to the AHA (American Heart Association). This activity helps to avoid heart problems because it lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol levels, plus improving the blood circulation.

4. Increasing lung volume

Since walking is considered as an aerobics exercise, it does increase the flow of oxygen in the body which helps train lungs. In addition to that, it also helps eliminate the toxins from the body that leads to a better and deeper breathing. Which “of course” also has several lung diseases.

5. Pancréas effects

A study has revealed that actually walking turns out to be much more beneficial in preventing diabetes than running. This study shows that a group of walkers had improved their glucose tolerance almost 6 times better than a group of runners, in a 6 months trial period.

6. A better digestion

Did you know that walking only 30mins a day can prevent you from the risk of colon cancer in the future. And also it improves your digestion and constipation, and that’s because it helps regulate your bowel movements.

7. Well-built muscles

Indeed, losing weight and toning muscles can be also achieved through walking. In fact walking 10 000 steps a day is counted as an actual workout in the gym. Plus it has a low impact on the muscles (YES! no recovery time)

8. More bones and joint mobility

Walking helps gaining more flexibility, which means reducing the risk of fractures and providing more mobility for joints. Walking at least 30mins a day on a regular basis is highly recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, because it reduces pain in the joints, along with stiffness and inflammation.

9. No more back pain

It is really a life saver for people with back pain compared to other high impact exercises. So, it won’t be discomfort or demande a certain effort, it actually contributes to better blood circulation in addition to improving both posture and flexibility.

10. More mind meditation, please!

It is necessary to mention that besides all the great physical benefits of walking, there are also the mental ones, to include improving your positive mood (especially if you’re on a walk with a good company). It also reduces the risk of improving the depression symptoms.

It’s your turn now to let us now down below if you’re a walker or a runner? We love to hear from you.


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