Here’s 10 things to avoid overspending on food

We visit supermarkets almost every day, and that’s where bad shopping habits we have seemed to appear in an excessive way that we -most of the times- go up on our budget. To help you with that, we came up with a list full of the most common mistakes we often do while we’re shopping hoping that it will help you optimize your choices.
1. Shopping in the wrong order

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

You should always resist some unwanted (although good ones) products by making a list first, and also by organizing your needs and limiting the numbers of items you buy. Go always for the healthy options.
TIP: start your shopping at vegetable and fruit department (they’ll take a lot of space in your cart, so
there’ll be less space left for other stuffs)

2. Forgetting the prices of products you buy often

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

We all have seen before the price tag that shouts for a massive reduction in a product, and that’s most of
the time fake just to get your attention to buy that product. To avoid that next time, memorize the prices of products you buy regularly or just write them down and you’re safe.

3. Not having plans

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

For a better shopping, you should make a list. And to make it THE perfect list, try to plan your whole
week meals, and then write down all the stuffs you need in your list! This way, you’ll save your time and
money in the supermarket.

4. No attention to the product’s weight

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

Never fell in the trap of the two same sized products that one of them is cheaper than the other one! It
might happen that the cheaper one contains actually less weight than the other one, and the opposite is
true. Never be fooled by the size.

5. Missing the store’s brand

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

Many supermarkets have their own label that includes a variety of good products with a price than can be
qualified less than other products in shelves. Well, just to ensure you that the quality is as good as the
other products, it is just a matter of a simple non-special packaging. It might even be sometimes that
such products are made by the same factories that service popular brands as well.

6.Avoiding trying new products

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

Some people rather to stay in their comfort zone with their usual products afraid of trying other brands.

Well, next time maybe discovering other brands will help a lot, especially the new coming brands. Because
since they’re new, they will for sure serve a better quality with a cheaper price.

7. Not keeping an eye on discounts!

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

Nowadays there’s a plenty of phone applications that collect information on discounts in all
supermarkets, that allows you to compare prices to find the best for you.

8. Avoiding cheap products

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

The packaging plays an important role in the product’s price, but when it comes to essential daily
products such as: salt, sugar, flour, cereals… It is better to go for the simple ordinary packaged one since
the quality is the same although the price is not.

9. Choosing the nearest items to the front edge of the shelf

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

It is common there in the supermarkets that employees tend to place in the front of the shelves the food
with a use-date about to expire. So, make sure to always pick product from the back on the shelf for fresh

10. Be the marketing ploys’ victim

10 Mistakes That Cause Us to Overspend on Food

“Vegetable oil with vitamin E, salt without GMOs, Orange yolk eggs…” We must have all felt in this trap before, yeah it seems unique and special BLABLABLA! But in fact we’re just paying extra money for things that aren’t even that exclusive, here’s why:
· Did you know that vitamin E is present in sunflower seeds, so automatically it is present in its oil.
· Plus, GMOs can only be found in food of plant and animal origin, so it’s impossible that it could be in salt.
· And for the colored yolk, manufacturers simply achieve this by adding special components to chicken feed.

What mistakes of these you commit a lot? And what surprised you the most? Please let us know down in the comment section, we love to hear from you.