How to raise energy levels?

How to raise energy levels?

Achieving a high level of energy is the basis for all other successes in life.

Do you want to make a positive impression at work, realize projects, win the perfect partner, enjoy with yourself, explore life, run through the woods, hang out with friends, feel good, dance, jump, create, live … for all you need your energy. Without energy there is no life, no movement.

Remember what kind of people we are attracted to? Those who are sluggish, obese, sick and slow?

Not!! We are attracted to people who always radiate positive energy, enthusiasm, beauty, harmony! They fascinate us with their energy, we want to be in their vicinity because we feel good then too. The thing is simple: one who has more energy has more life.

How to raise energy levels?

  • Conscious and deep breathing, because we primarily receive energy through the process of breathing.
  • By consuming optimal amounts of fresh water (About 2 liters during the day. It depends, of course, on your constitution, climatic climate and activities you carry out during the day).
  • Consuming foods that have more life energy / prana. Fresh apple on a branch gives us a lot more clean energy than processed foods (we’re talking about short-term and long-term effects on the body).
  • By moving and exercising. Without movement, there is no life, so our body dies faster if we do not use it through movement. Remember how much more energy athletes consume far more energy than someone who sits and watches TV all day.
  • Holidays. If the physical and mental stresses are high, rest is needed to allow the energy level to be restored. It is extremely important to find a balance between work / movement and rest. Too much and too little activity equals the body.
  • Meditation: A growing body of research proves that meditation practitioners have a much higher energy level, better focus, calmer mind, are more alert, recover faster, learn easier, are healthier and far less susceptible to the negative effects of stress.
  • Staying in nature. There is a lot more to life in nature than in indoors or in cities covered with concrete. By staying in an environment, we simply absorb the energy of the environment. If you want more life and energy, go to places that are. Plants, trees and flowers are alive and much more intelligent than chairs, walls and television.
  • Do what you love. When you do what you love, the energy level is automatically much higher and it recovers quickly. Remember what the energy level is when you do what you don’t like? You feel tired, bored, saturated and pointless. You can do what you love to do all the time, because it energizes you.
  • Think thoughts that cheer you up and raise the energy level in your system.
  • Feel free to express yourself. Keep track of how you feel when you want to say or do something and then don’t do it. It is as if you have swallowed a dumpling, or as if you have been wet. You did not allow the energy to flow. Every time you do that the energy level.

In short: breathe full lungs, consume healthy energy, feel free to shed it, and do what your energy levels rise. Only you can really know how you feel in your own skin and what the energy level is at any given moment.

When we do what we love, we are happy and automatically have a high level of energy. Be brave to make healthy decisions and it makes you your energy grow!


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