Most of us use their fridge to store food, such as fruits, vegetables, sweets, breads and even sauces and marinades. But what we don’t know is some of these products turn harmful if placed in the fridge for a long time. So here, we made you a list of the most common foods and how to store them correctly.

Things that should be stored in the cupboard and must be hidden from sunlight:

14 Foods We Often Store Incorrectly

1. Bread: it should be kept in a closed box with a pinch of salt to protect it from the mold. Plastic bags
are not recommended because they create a high humidity in which fungi can grow easily inside. And
keeping it in the fridge is as well not a good idea because the lower temperature makes the bread quickly
2. Chocolate: It is better kept in the cold and dark places, but not in the fridge. Simply because the very low
temperature help the appearance of some condensed water on the surface like a white plaque that won’t
ruin its taste, but it will make it more unattractive.
3. Honey: We all know that honey doesn’t have a certain shelf line, it can last forever. But what we don’t
know is how to store it correctly. Well, it should be kept actually in the cold dark places, but never in the
4. Olive oil: this one should be stored in the room temperature but in the darkest place. The cupboard is
the perfect spot for it.
5. Onions and Garlic: they would better be placed in a small box inside the cupboard in order to keep
them for the longest time possible. Careful, do not put them in the fridge, because they will go bad very

Things better be kept on the kitchen shelf or on the table:

14 Foods We Often Store Incorrectly

6. Citrus fruits: like oranges, they can simply be stored on the kitchen table. Putting them in the fridge
will just make them less tasty and less beneficial for the health.
7. Avocados: if the fruit was ripe, you keep it in the fridge, this way it will last longer. But if it wasn’t fully
ripe, don’t put it in the fridge, just keep it outside.
8. Cucumbers: You may keep it in the fridge, but only for a few days, because the low temperature will
make them rot very fast. In order to keep this vegetable fresh for a longer time, just keep it outside.
9. Eggplant: They can’t stand the low temperature in the fridge, they will become very soft and lose all
the good benefits in there. They are better kept at room temperature just away from sunlight.
10. Tomatoes: Don’t put them in the fridge, NEVER! Because it will make them lose their natural flavor
and be less juicy. They should be stored at room temperature instead in a well-ventilated basket or box.

Things better stored in the fridge:

11. Eggs: well many argue about the best place to place in eggs. Some say it’s better kept at room
temperature and others say they should be stored in the fridge. They are both right since they both don’t
recommend placing them in the fridge’s door. And experts here recommend keeping the eggs in their
containers so that they could stay fresh for a longer time.
12. Flour: the storing temperature should be in between 50 and 65 °F, so it may be kept in a closed jar in
the fridge or in the cupboard. The high humidity and high temperature may lead to the appearance of bugs and mold in it.
13. Nuts: most of us keep them in room temperature, but that actually is not the best way to. Try to store
them instead in the fridge, so they can last longer.
14. Celery: unlike the parsley, the celery should be stored in the fridge well wrapped. But not wrapped in
a plastic bag, it will make it rot easily, try the aluminum foil.

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