The key reason why people often give up their goals

The key reason why people often give up their goals

To experience success in any area of ​​life – whatever success means to us – clear goals are a must-have.

Without clear goals, our mind is inclined to wander frequently and waste time on unnecessary things. Clear goals direct our minds and energies in the direction we want to go and help us distinguish the essential from the irrelevant.

Despite the fact that goals play a big role in the lives of each of us, people often too easily give up on achieving them. I am not talking here about some short-term or secondary goals, but goals that will greatly affect our lives in the future.

Insufficient confidence, lack of persistence, wrong assessment of circumstances, fear of failure, expectation that the process towards the goal will be carried out much faster and easier … etc., are just some of the common causes of our giving up.

However, in my opinion, the main reason behind all the other reasons that people give up on pursuing their goals is that the goals we have are not in line with our life purpose and are mostly “someone else’s” goals – whatever they are whether such goals have been imposed on us by parents, the media, or various other authorities.

We live in a society where, from an early age, we are conditioned by the way we should think and set the standards we should meet. Directly or indirectly, we are taught that it is important to achieve goals that are considered socially acceptable and desirable, but we are rarely asked how much such goals really make our heart happy. In this context, goals literally become an end in themselves – and this is very detrimental to our mental health and sense of happiness and fulfillment. In trying to prove their worth and gain acceptance of the environment, people often set other people’s goals and wonder why they lack the motivation that is necessary to overcome all the obstacles that will definitely emerge on the path to achieving the goals.

However, the main purpose of accomplishing goals is not to satisfy others or become bigger and better in the eyes of others, but a sense of fulfillment that we expect to experience not only when we achieve the desired goal, but also on the path to the goal. Only goals that are consistent with our life purpose are able to provide us with that experience.

Therefore, I invite you to think carefully about all the important goals that you have (and those that you plan to set soon) and ask yourself if these are goals that truly make your heart happy or whether they are someone else’s goals.

Be completely honest with yourself! I know it’s not easy, but life is simply too short to live on someone else’s goals.

What good is all the rewards and recognition if the person you see in the mirror is, in fact, unhappy? Do you think money, reputation or various social accolades can fill a void within you that will definitely be your faithful and inseparable companion as long as you live on to other people’s goals?

Keep in mind that you came to live on Earth, not exist. If one is biologically alive, that does not mean that one is truly living one’s life. Allow yourself to set goals that are in line with your heart’s desires, and start your lungs off on an exciting adventure called “life.”

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” Helen Keller.


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