The most Important Things To Know If You Have A Blood Type O!

The classification of human blood is practically based in red cells as determined by the absence or the presence of some antigens. So, the human being may have blood type A, type B. Actually, the AB and the O blood type were first identified by an Austrian immunologist called Karl Landsteiner, as he said “when different people’s blood was mixed, the blood cells sometimes clotted…”

However, our blood type can influence our health, our diet, even our food system and our personalities. That’s why, here we’re about to give you 8 important things that you definitely need to know if you’re a blood type O.

1-How can I know my blood type?


The blood type is easily determined by a test called ABO where a blood sample is mixed with antibodies against type A and B. Then, the sample is checked to see if the blood cells stick together or not. That’s why the blood test is very important so that you can be aware of the food type you should definitely avoid.

2-Blood type O:


Actually there are 4 main blood types linked to the absence or existence of A and B antigens, and another one called Rh factor that can also exist or not. All of them are 8 , A-, A+ ; B-,B+; O-,O+; AB-, AB+ . Blood type O is a category of blood based on the presence or the presence of antibodies in the surface of red blood cells, and it’s the most common one by the way, it represents about 38% of people.

3-Blood type O beneficiaries:


Donors of blood type O+ are qualified to donate to 4 blood types but only the one with positive Rh:  A+, B+, O+ and AB+.  But, the blood type O- is qualified to donate to all of them, actually he is also known as a universal blood type. And the most important thing is that blood type O-is the safest blood type for a newborn who suffers from a weak immune system.

4-Blood type O can only receive from blood type O:


However, people with blood type O+ can receive from all bloods type O ( O+ and O-). But individuals with blood type O- can only receive from itself O-, only in emergency cases when in need for blood type O, O+ can be substituted.

5- Health risks:


According to some research, it has been proved that the blood composition may give us little details about our health. Actually there are some studies proving that individuals with blood type O are more often susceptible to easily get several infections due to bacterias such as cholera for example. Additionally, those with blood type O had a decreased risk of gastric cancer, and they also have 35% higher incidence of duodenal ulcers compared to  other blood types.

6-Health benefits :


Despite that blood type O is the most common blood type and therefore needed by so many patients. After a deep study made in 2012, it has been proved that this type of blood have low risk of developing coronary artery disease comparing to other blood types, and another one have showed that blood type can be directly linked to your reaction to some kind of  bacteria and such as pancreatic cancer, deep vein thrombosis …

7- Blood type O diet :


Your diet is not working ? Maybe it does not match with your blood type. If you are an O blood type, then you must absolutely eat wheat, greens and ligums with limits, and try to adopt a diet very rich in high-protein and eat a lot of meat. But if you want to lose weight, try these foods : broccoli, seafood, vegetables, red meat , spinach, …

8-Personality :


If you are a blood type O ,then you must absolutely have one of these characters, you’d either be an outgoing  person and go-getter. You may also have a habit of setting high standards for yourself.

People with O blood type are excellent leaders cause the little things don’t bother them, which can make them appear kinda selfish to others.