Vision of life

Vision of life

What is vision really? It is a vision. “vision” means vision and vision. So that’s an opportunity to see. But what exactly do we have to see? Vision is actually an image in our imagination, our thoughts and a vision of what does not yet exist in our reality. It is actually a world that does not yet exist in material form, but we still see it.

Remember that people who pushed the boundaries of reality were always visionaries. What did Nikola Tesla see before he made all his inventions? Where did this information come from which all these inventions came from?

First, there had to be a vision, in order to start acting in that direction and to create something that did not exist in the world before. Once upon a time there was no washing machine, no TV, no internet and no cell phones. Where did this come from? Where is the beginning of creation? Someone had a vision.

How to create a vision? Creating a vision of life is a long process that requires our complete being. Creating a vision takes place not only through our thoughts, but also through emotions and our physical body as well as the spiritual aspect of ourselves.

Of course, we can create a vision out of mind, but when we realize such a vision it cannot fully satisfy and fulfill us.

Why? Because we are multidimensional beings and in order to be complete we must respect all our dimensions.

If we create a vision out of mind, then maybe our ego will be satisfied for a while, but there will be no lasting happiness, pleasure and joy of the soul.

In order to create a vision from the soul level, we must be aware of the spiritual aspect of ourselves. How do you become aware of that part of yourself? The paths are different. Someone feels that part of himself from birth, and someone has “found” him during life through difficult moments, someone through joyful moments, through prayer, meditation, or some other practice or life experience.

When we are truly connected to the spiritual aspect of ourselves, then creating a vision becomes a natural process. In fact, we no longer feel that we are creating something, but we feel that vision flows through us, that it manifests through us. It is up to us to listen, to be vigilant and aware of our every dimension, to trust that we are guided along the path of life and to act accordingly.

A man without vision cannot live because the first difficult situation would deprive him of his life energy. When we have a vision and see the meaning in our lives and the reason why we rise each morning, it is what gives us the strength to go through difficult times.

If someone told you that you would live in the dark for the rest of your life and never see the sun again, how much would you really want to live? But still, every night we have a vision of tomorrow, and we lie in peace because we believe that the sun will shine again.


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