What Your Buttocks Could Possibly Tell You About Your Health?

As many of us may find this weird, but the fact that each part of our body reveal something about our health is right, including our tiniest parts, and many studies has approved that. But could this include our Buttocks?!

  Indeed, our buttocks as the rest of our body is also a good way to know more about your body. Did you know that where we carry the most fat can predict the state of your heart and vessels. Well that’s a good thing to start with! Now, here’s the four common types of buttocks and what could they possibly hide in there.

    1. Round-shaped Buttocks:

  That is the normal looking buttocks that indicates the healthy lifestyle opted by a person, so this person would better control his health because any wrong decision could lead to bad consequences. In this type, consuming calories according to the body weight and physical training is recommended!

     2. Heart-shaped Buttocks:

This shape marks a small waist with wide hips and the bigger parts are centred at the bottom. People with this type tend to lose weight easily but when they gain, the fat goes straight to their mid sections. In this case, you may pay more attention to that section, because following a wrong diet or doing less physical activities there’s a risk that your thights and hips will get bigger which may increase your risk of osteoarthritis and cellulite.

so, and as recommendations, the person with this shape should go for a diet with more proteins, vegetables and fruits and concentrate more on training the lower part of your body (running and walking will do good) .

     3. Square-shaped Buttocks:

People with this type are lucky to have a good metabolism plus they gain weight proportionally, because this shape has a fat storage around the love handles which means that the person with this type either doesn’t exercise enough or he picked the wrong unhelpful training program. Or also it may be caused by a hormone called “cortisol” that provokes sleep problems. In this case, you’re recommended to put your calories on count and pay more attention to your shoulders and thighs. And yet, the Planks are a good exercise here.

     4. Inverted triangle Buttocks:

We all know that with age, the fat in the butt starts to move into the other body parts which can happen with the “low estrogen levels” that can lead to some serious health issues such as heart problems, weak bones, urinary infections, depression and weight gain. Here, some safety measures are highly recommended, including: maintaining the diet you’re having, exercising regularly to protect your heart, and finally staying in touch with your doctor!

 And last but not least here’s a bonus part about the “DEAD BUTT SYNDROME”:

   The flat butt, or known as the “dead butt syndrome” is a serious issue that many people all ages struggle with; it is caused mainly by the less daily  physical activities and spending most of the day in the sitting position. What really happens there is that our butt muscles forget their main purpose so they no longer keep the body in its proper shape.

Here’s how to make your muscles bring back its regular functions:

1- Stretching

2- We know you have no time for gym, so only some squats in different parts of the day are       good enough.

3- Practice more walking.

So, What’s your Buttocks type? And how often do you workout? Let us know down there in the comment section! thank you