You can change

You can change

What you want to be, how you feel, what to do, who to drink coffee with, what work to do, where to live… it just depends on you, your mindset, your choice. You choose.

In childhood and adolescence, we were all polite and inclined to accept the various suggestions of parents, grandparents, teachers, professors, neighbors, priests …

No one was born with religious beliefs, fears, taboos or restrictions of any kind. You, like the rest, are born helpless, ignorant and completely dependent on the mercy of your parents or the care of those whom you are entrusted with. Just born, you knew only two fears – the fear of falling and the fear of noise. You met all other fears later.

My suggestion is to everyone: examine the origin of your own beliefs, fears, doubts and see if they contribute to your health, happiness and peace of mind or make you angry, irritable, scared…

You can eradicate and erase from the subconscious all that you learned or learned at a young age. You can reshape your ideas and change your life. Where to go?

From myself. Make the decision to break with all the old behaviors and beliefs. Take a notebook and write GOOD on one side and BAD on the other. Write whatever you remember, but make sure you write only positive and good on the “good” page, and vice versa. What you wrote under BAD, whatever it is, are your subconscious programming patterns that you can and must change.

Remember the simple truth of life: There is no human, situation, event or media content that can take your peace of mind. You release them or you absorb them. You, as the master, rule your thoughts, words, actions and reactions, not that they rule you. Do not seek peace, wealth and security outside yourself. They are in you. There is no person, government or institution that can endow you with peace, contentment and wealth. You have to do it yourself.

Your subconscious is the seat of habits, and they are built the same way you learn to walk, swim, dance, play the piano, type, or drive a car. Certain patterns of thought and action are constantly repeated and they are embedded in your subconscious. You then automatically perform the learned actions. It’s called SECOND NATURE.

If you say “all is bad or all are bad”, you are talking generally about the average of the collective consciousness from which you cannot escape. Therefore, you must persevere in “prayer.” Write out your prayer and read it several times a day, so it engages in your subconscious.

Prayers or affirmations (whether you are a believer or a practitioner) are messages that are programmed into your subconscious (just like computer programming). The programs are installed externally, as are our personal ones.

There is a saying “what you think of yourself”. Consider this sentence. What do you think about yourself? Write down what you think about yourself, what you believe, how you feel, if you like yourself, what do you think about the people you want. Write the entire answer page and read it. It’s you …

And most importantly, you can change or change the text.

On the other paper, write down all the best about yourself and then read it.

“Complete peace fills my soul, harmony governs my life, I rest in the arms of eternal wisdom, truth and beauty. I thrive, I am healthy, happy, rich. There are always solutions to all my problems. . Successful because I’m working with others, just as others need my cooperation. I am relaxed, carefree and quiet. “

These are just some of the prayers addressed to oneself.

Read them aloud several times a day. Then disconnect from the outside world in which there is noise and disorder and to enter into his world where there is peace and tranquility. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, your capabilities.

By repeating the good from the subconscious you squeeze out the bad – one condition excludes the other.

What does that mean? You can never be in two different states at the same time. You are either good or bad. You are either hungry or satiated. You are either in Zagreb or in Osijek. You can never be in two different states at the same time, remember that. That is the fundamental truth.

What you want to be, how you feel, what to do, who to drink coffee with, what work to do, where to live… it just depends on you, your mindset, your choice. You choose. You always choose.


You can choose the other one, but then you accept the consequences for your way of thinking and choosing.

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