It is so difficult to teach a child to wash his hands all the time, of course, we also as grown ups forget it sometimes. But none of us actually realizes the importance of it. That’s why Jaralee Metcalf, a teacher from Idaho, did an experiment to show her pupils the importance of washing their hands properly.

We were so impressed by the result so we decided to share it with you:

-Jaralee has chosen a perfect timing for it, it was the beginning of winter when flu season had just started. And she was tired of being sick all the time, so she did this experiment.

1. The point of the experiment

In the purpose to explain how bacteria spread and why it is important to wash your hands properly, she came up with a simple classroom activity with her students:

-She asked many kids with different levels of hand cleanliness to touch 5 pieces of white bread that were taken from the same loaf, at the same time. Then, they put the bread in individual plastic bags to clearly observe what would happen over a whole month.

2. Steps of the experiment

the 1st piece was rubbed on all the classroom laptops. The 2nd one was a control piece (not touched, immediately placed inside the plastic bag and labeled “fesh and untouched”). The 3rd was touched by everyone in the classroom with unwashed hands, and the 4th was touched  with washed hands with warm water and soap. And for the last one, they cleaned their hands with  hand sanitizer only then touched the piece.


·          The wiped on laptops slice:

One month later and the chromebook-rubbed slice was the worst looking piece above them all. (p.S: they usually sanitize the laptops but they didn’t this time for the project)

·         The effect of soap and warm water:

It was the only slice that didn’t have the obvious bacteria on it, it was just clean and safe.

·         The “dirty hands” slice:

This one was covered in spectacular mold growths one month later, so it didn’t need any additional explanation.

·         The “hand sanitizer” slice:

The shocking part is that this one too had a lot of bacteria, which easily means that hand sanitizers are not enough and they will never replace the proper way to wash our hands (water and soap).

Jaralee later shared this full experiment on facebook to show the importance of washing hands, and to let this project be a good example for all kids and grown ups too. And soon it was well spread all over facebook to hundreds of schools and families.

How about you? What do you think about this experiment? Please let us know down below in the comment section, we love to hear from you.

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